Botox Training Courses for Beauty Therapists

Botox is considered to be one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures that are performed worldwide. There are millions of people who receive Botox treatments every year. This is one procedure that is utilized in both medical and cosmetic procedures. It is mostly used by people to minimize the wrinkles in the forehead, to arrest the excessive sweating in certain people or to remove the crow’s feet near the eyes.

It also has some medical uses as it is used in the treatment of bladders. In today’s world there are many medical and Para medical practitioners that are making use of Botox training in order to start their own clinics much the same as Therapie has done. The training program is completely devoted to injectable cosmetic treatments.

More about Botox

Botox is the brand name used for Botulinum toxin type A. It is a neurotoxin that helps to paralyse the muscles. With this simple mechanism, Botox can relax face muscles which are the main reason behind wrinkles. The treatment is quite safe, but it is only temporary.

There are no such lasting effects and lasts only for a few months. The clients need to do this on a regular basis in order to maintain the achieved results. And talking about side effects, there are only a few minor ones like redness in the skin and other very minor things.

Getting a Reliable Doctor

Being a Botox surgeon is not easy at all as it needs a lot of knowledge and skill, along with knowing exactly how much dosage is required. There is always a risk of less or more dosage and thus the optimum one can be given only by a trained doctor. If an improper dosage is given, it can lead to serious health risks for the patient. Therefore training is not only necessary but essential.

Why are training courses necessary?

There are many doctors and aestheticians who are opting for a successful career in the field of cosmetic theory by enrolling themselves in Botox training and certification programs. It might take merely 10 minutes to administer an injection but this is not at all as easy as it seems. It is extremely important to take precautions while performing these surgeries and can ONLY be performed by individuals who are well trained so that they have a good knowledge of the various aspects of each treatment.

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Introductory Basic Courses

The introductory course of Botox training includes all the popular basic techniques of treating Glabellar wrinkles, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. The people enrolled in this basic course will also come to know about the various injection techniques, medical hygiene, and physiology of the skin, facial muscles, facial anatomy and pharmacology of Botox and how to deal with the side effects. While you are thinking to select a training course, you need to ensure that you have a lot of opportunity for practicing as it is more about clinical experience than just theoretical knowledge.

Advanced Courses

Once a person masters in the basic training then he/she can opt for the more advanced courses. These advanced courses teach many new techniques which cater to the various types of cosmetic complaints other than the common ones.

But these techniques require a higher degree of technical knowledge and skill. The ailments that can be treated with this advanced training include neck wrinkles, gummy smiles, hyperhidrosis, upper lip wrinkles and marionette lines.

There are many colleges of aesthetic medicine which can offer you intensive hands on practical workshops and classes in the various fields of aesthetic medicine. The institutions provide speciality courses for doctors and aestheticians to learn about the art and science of aesthetic medicine.

There are (of course) various training levels and you need to choose the one that suits you the most as per your requirements.


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