Creative and Cool Ideas to Make Use of Old Clothes

What if you can make use of the old clothes in to something else? Stop wondering. Here is the best creative and cool way to make use of old clothes. By saving old clothes and turning them into something else, you can keep treasured logos and images, save resources and make fantastic new things you do need and learn how to make everything you own stretch further. Check out the following ways to make use of it.


T-Shirt Laptop Case

Make a laptop case using an old t-shirt and you get a pouch with three divisions, plus a pocket for the power brick.
Pocket Gadget Protector

Make a cool gadget protector with three separate pockets to protect delicate expensive gadgets, from your keys, pens and other stuff in your backpack or purse.

• Dye the fabric to make something completely different. This may be all that is needed to take it from last year’s fashion to this. It is even an option with colors that really date clothing, such as pastels from the 80s, especially when coupled with restyling.
• With the old clothes, you can make headbands, hair ties, bracelets, necklaces, slippers or belts. Stitch a long strip of fabric together and turn it inside out.
• You can also extra pocket to the inside of your coat by adding colorful patches to your blue jeans.
• Make a set of doll clothes or stuffed animals. Make bean bag chairs for the kids with lots of attractive colors.
• Turn an old shirt into a cool pillowcase and its quite simple and easy to make too.
• With the old clothes you can also make Cover a lampshade, Make a picture frame, Cover a special book, Cover a corkboard and much more.

These are the list of suggestions for things to do with your old “non-vintage” clothing. Try out few ideas of your own.