How to Dress Smart in Office?

Do you want to impress your colleagues with your smart dressing sense? Find for the ways? Here are some of the best tips for you to draw the attentions of others towards you.

Building Basics

Firstly, build a basic office wardrobe. Let us call it the ‘office staples’. With your staples you can mix and match to create multiple looks.

The following are some of the basic smart dress for a perfect look:

– Well-fitted White Shirt
– Well-fitted Black (Brown, Charcoal, navy) trousers
– Dark (black, brown, charcoal, navy) pant-suit
– Dark (black, brown, charcoal, navy) skirt-suit
– Fitted Shirts in subtle colors, stripes, checks or subtle dots.
– Cardigan
– Waist coat
– Closed-toe low-heeled pumps
– Structured handbag

women in formal dress for office (1)

The above suits would definitely help you out to encounter people who you want to make an impression on.

  • The essential things to remember are, despite the casual tag, keep the fit great and the fabrics lightweight and seasonally appropriate.
  • There’s a ‘feel good’ factor associated with dressing well. Dressing professionally can make you feel better about yourself. It gives you more confidence. For instance if you dress up in a suit for instance, you project more confidence, which people will respond to positively.
  • The smart-casual dress code is one full of complexes. Even the name itself offers more confusion than clarity. The subject of navigating smart-casual dress has been covered in several previous articles, although most have only touched on the subject in a work place setting.

Essential clothes

Jacket is the workwear essential. Every woman should have a black suit in her closet. A sharply tailored jacket gives a power punch to any outfit. Other essential things to pep you up instantly are that Brooch, Jewellery, Necklaces, Bag, Belt, and Shoes and much more.

Make a view and make use of it!