How to improve your Gamine style

Do you want to make yourself as the boyish, childish and more innocent resembles look? So read the review this explains how you can show you’re unique to another in the gamine style.

Know the real gamine characters:

A real gamine style is the combo of innocent, charming, naive girl make up herself as the cute boyish way. Don’t think the gamine style is not a complete boy look in attire rather than you must wear a attire with quite boyish look dominates the more innocent childlike characters.

Ways to make yourself as the gamine:

The first and main thing is you must select your gamine fashion role model such as the Jean Seberg, Audrey Hepburn are the some of the best examples for you. Try to observe how they dressing up, behaving, accessories, hair style and much more. The best and naïve hair style is the pixie cut, which wont suits all so get the advice from your hairdresser and then proceed.

Make you pixie cut more attractive by wearing the head bands, colorful ribbons and other hair accessories too. The gamine style prefers a rosy light makeup in the attractive way. Your makeup looks like a sweet and pinky shades. The gamine’s eye must be bushy with the perfect eyebrows and the main thing is it must look in a natural way.

Gamine always looks neat so you must keep your nails clean with the pinky shade nail polish. If you want to become a gamine you must make use of the sweet fragrance scent. The important factor for the gamine style is the attires; you have to choose your attire simple and nice. Always prefer the tops and pants with the light colors and prefer flowers, butterflies patterns on your tops .your accessories must be short and sweet and the important thing is you must look slim and healthy. If you want the complete gamine style you must learn the manners of the gamine also.

So read the above reviews don’t try to resemble like a gamine, rather than completely live as the gamine.

Featured image by: EnFashion