How to Make Your Room Cool in summer Without Air Conditioning

Are you worrying about your summer days? Stop worrying now you can make your home cool without the air conditioning and enjoy the summer as usual days by reading the bellow review.

Halt the penetration of sun rays in to your home:

The best way to stop the sun rays penetration in to your home by closing all the windows and curtains from the morning itself and keep it up to night. In night time you can open all the windows. You can cover your home by the clip sheets and cover your window with the cardboard or other insulation products these will surely restrict the sunrays penetrations. Try to open all the windows in night time up to 5 or 6 am in the morning. Position your upstairs fan in morning time to remove all the heat from the room. You can make a wonderful AC by keeping the salted ice cubes in the bowl in front of the fan now you can get the cooling air in your room. Mostly keep your stove ventilator hood fan in the ON condition which will surely remove your rooms hot to the outside and in evening time it will pull the cool and gentle breeze in to your room.

The major heat source in home is the Incandescent light bulbs move to the fluorescents or LEDs type of lights and try to prepare your food outside which will reduce the heat content in your home. Switch off your computer and other electric and electronic items when not in use. Avoid the steam in your home. Change your windows curtains, bed covers and pillow covers in to light colors mostly prefer the white color which won’t absorb the heat from the surroundings. Try to make light color roofing and plant trees more around your house. Make summer porch to give shady to your house.

The above mentioned steps will surely give a relief from the sunrays during the summer. So try it out and keep your home cool.