Importance of Mother in Our Lives and in Islam

Hi there, let me tell you something about our mother’s importance in our lives and in islam. I strongly believe that without a mother in our life we are left all alone in some black and white world where we don’t even recognize the colors of the people in this world. Perhaps our mother, she guides us very well on this. In islam there’s a great importance of a women/mother and let me elaborate this in general and according to islam too as well.

The pain which our mom undergoes – when she comes to know about her pregnancy she becomes very cautious about you and your growth, despite of having continuous vomiting sensations and losing consciousness, she never feels kind of irritating instead she feels happy for that. Undergoes several medications to keep you safe and healthy. Follows a perfect healthy diet to maintain proper healthy weight. And getting done with a regular health check to know about your health and your growth. She carries you on her womb nearly ten months accepting all the pains happily which she undergoes during the pregnancy. Then finally she brings us on this world and that’s the only moment when a mother laughs seeing its baby crying. After which It doesn’t end over here, it actually begins. She stays awake to take care of you every second. Every three hours once you wake up and you need to get feed, changed and comforted every once and then. For first few weeks she forgets all her responsibilities and she completely concentrates on you and your health. She sleeps when you sleep but not for so long only for few minutes of rest several times of day. On the whole she never sleeps the whole complete seven hours for next seven months until you get a bit grown up. Sacrifices most of the things for you and makes every single thing the best in your life. She’s our first teacher who teach us about the good and bad around us and how to show care and affection towards others. Then once we get to the age of schooling looks for the best school to make us educated in a proper way likewise with the college too. Yeah I agree even dad plays a vital role in this but not as much as a mom does.

It has been said in islam that- once when a man came to prophet (PBUH) asking who’s the most worthy of my good companionship? Prophet (PBUH) replied your mother, then the man said who’s the next? Prophet (PBUH) said your mother. Again the man said who’s then? Prophet (PBUH) replied the same your mother, later he told father. So hereby prophet highlights the importance of the mother over father three times and also states that take care of her for your rest of your life, because paradise lies at her feet. When a human being dies his deeds are terminated for three things except for his ongoing charity, knowledge from which others benefit and finally the one who has treated their parents especially his/her mother in a proper way.

Our Mother is a great gift for us from god and no one can replace her forever.