Make Your Old Room as the Luxury Hotel without Spending Money

Are you bored off by your old looking rooms? Get out from your old rooms and change it as the luxury hotel room without spending any money. The bellow review will help you to attain this concept so read it and make your room trendier.

Clean your room:

The first and foremost step is clear your room. Make your room dust and clutter free by placing your entire wardrobe in your cupboard and polish all the places, desk and cupboards. You must keep your valuable things at the apt place such as books, CDs and much more.

Decorate your room

Decorate your room:

The bed room is your private place, so you can decorate it as your wish. Make a complete plan about your decoration and imagine what kind of posters, themes going to be use. Others will get the impression while enter into your room by watching the large posters on your wall. You can make your wall unique by placing the items such as with the you and your family photos, pictures from your favorite films and T.V shows, CD covers, quotes from songs and books, magazine clippings old concert tickets and your stylish photos with different size on your wall.


The above decoration gives the pleasant environment to you, while in complete lighting setup. So make your room attractive by colorful lights. You are highly recommended to use the glittering stars on the ceiling, which will give the attractive environment in night and you can also make a nice Christmas tree with the small lighting setup and try to keep it at the corner of your room.

The best suggestion is don’t use the adhesive tape to fix your poster on the wall, which will spoil your entire decoration and make your room worthless. So make a complete plan with the above suggestions and try it out.