Making of Cadbury Dairy Milk

Hey there, let’s today discuss on something pretty interesting and delicious topic of Dairy Milk manufacturing. Yeah yes we all go nuts on hearing this chocolate or having it, but have we ever thought of how actually it is prepared at the factory. I guess you don’t, but anyways we shall just have a short description on this how it is actually made.

Dairy milk is of 23% cocoa solids, which means it is made out of cocoa pods from the cocoa tree which contains nearly 30-40 seeds in it, otherwise called as cocoa seeds.

Did you know that it takes complete 1 whole crop year for to make 1lb which is of nearly 454g of cocoa, no wonder it is so precious to have one!

Where do you think from which place this manufacturing takes place, its actually from Ghana in west Africa during the harvesting period of October and December. Once these cocoa seeds are ripen they seem to look like rich golden in color, after which seeds from it are removed and set for fermentation. During this process the seeds are left to 5-6 days of fermentation in order to develop the chocolate flavor in them. Then after which they are set on sunlight for to get dried completely not even a seed has to be left wet. Now when they are very much dried enough, it’s then taken to the buyer station where Ghana cocoa board checks its quality and ports it to Cadbury. Once they are done with selecting the fine seeds from it, Cadbury sends it to the chirk factory. This is the place where these seeds are kept for roasting in revolving drum by passing over the hot air into it to begin the smell of fine chocolate.
So then what happens the next? the roasted beans are then broken into small pieces and shells of it are blown off leaving the nibs alone which is the centre part of the bean. And now it is set for grinding into fine powder of cocoa containing cocoa butter which is actually used to make Cadbury drinking chocolate. Sounds quiet yummy nah? , well let’s stop imagining it and look over what happens the next. Then finally this thick liquid mixture is been sent to the milk factory to mix fresh full cream milk along with the sugar. Once we are done with the mixing then its set on vacuum ovens to prepare chocolate crumb to which extra flavours are being added up. To make it very silky and smoothie its then conched and tempered to maintain its temperature stable.

Making of Cadbury Dairy Milk1

Last but not the least its moulding of the fine dark chocolate and milk chocolate we prepared. This liquid chocolate is poured into the moulder by shaking and very perfectly to remove the air bubbles and kept for cooling before wrapping them up. That’s it we are done making our choky.

Remember the slogan of the Cadbury dairy milk that

a glass and a half of full cream milk in every half pound

This whole process is what actually withstands this slogan forever