Tips to decorate Pooja Room

If you are lucky enough to have the space for your own pooja room in your home, decorate it with the care and reverence that it deserves to create a functional sanctuary. The pooja room is sacred space that should be respectful to the deities and spirits worshiped within, as well as promote an atmosphere of harmony and spirituality so you can pray and meditate in peace. Maintaining tradition and attention to detail will ensure the room is worthy of the pooja rituals that take place there. Check out the following tips that would help you out to decorate your serene Pooja Room.

  • The location of the pooja room is the important aspect. It is advisable not to place your pooja area in a bedroom or anywhere near the bathroom or kitchen. The best location for the pooja room is the north-east corner of the house.
  • Try to fix your pooja room location in the ground floor of the home but it should not be below the stairs or in the ground floor. Increase the astonishing beauty of the pooja room with the glittering beautiful lamps, that would make the house smell divine and the use of colorful flowers spread over the idols and the beautiful kolams.
  • Design your puja room doors in the wooden style which is very popular today. The beauty of the wooden doors depends on the fine carvings and accessories like bells. This can give you a serene feel of a temple.
  • Using glass in doors is an emerging trend now. You can choose glass or granite slabs to place the idols.
  • Always prefer calm colors for your pooja room such as the deep shades of green, sandal or yellow will work well on the walls and give you a peaceful feeling.

Make a view on above mentioned tips that would definitely help you out to set your pooja room.