Vastu Tips to Decorate Pooja Room

Do you believe Vastu? Are you in search of any Vastu Tips to decorate your Pooja room? Here is the solution for you to make use of. If you believe in Vastu Shastra then you must be following some of the interesting tips to set up your house. Every thing in the house is decorated depending on the vastu. For example, you need to place the indoor plants, glass items etc as per vastu to decorate the house and bring positivity. Check out the following tips that would definitely help you out to decorate Pooja room.

Check Out the Tips to Decorate Pooja Room

  • East, North and North-East are the best locations for the Puja room. If your house is multi-storey then it is ideal to keep the Puja room on the ground floor of the house.
  • There should not be a toilet and kitchen below, above or next to the Puja room. If there is no extra space and you use bedroom space as Puja room, make sure you do not point your leg towards the temple.
  • While placing the idols, keep a note that the idols are placed at one inch distance from each other. Also the idols should not face each other. They can be placed in East, West and North-East but not north.
  • The walls of the Puja room should be in white, light blue or light yellow colour. White or off-white marble floor are best to decorate your Puja room according to Vastu.
  • Avoid keeping images of ancestors and dead family members inside the Puja room. Also the ancestor lamp should lit on the opposite direction where it doesn’t face God’s idol.
  • Always keep the Puja room clean and tidy. Do not use it for sleeping or storing house items inside the Pooja room.

Follow these vastu tips to set and decorate the Puja room.