Ways to Recycle Old Sarees

Now you can make use of the old sarees instead of throwing it away or keeping simpley in cup board. Feel wonder? Here are some of the coolest best ideas that would definitely help you out to recycle your old clothes.


Check out the tips as follows:

  • Using the saree borders, you can make a cushion covers or also you can create a bolster cover.
  • Create a pillow cases with the stencil designs on a plan saree by cutting the saree in a rectangular shape and sewing on to all of the three sides.
  • Create a table clothes with the help of sari borders or take up a plan saree with thick border and place it on a table that looks pretty for sure.
  • Make a wooden screen with the saree. screen off your bedroom with saris mounted in wooden frames which offers the best privacy with beauty!
  • The most childish way of recycling the saree is to create a box covers. Use the sari to cover big cardboard or wooden boxes.
  • If you are interested in art, you can make use of the old sarees to create a Fabric wall art. Put a length of geometrically patterned sari fabric in a picture frame which is an instant wall art!
  • If you love photography, all you have to do is just create a home made light box for the photography. Usually, white cotton saris are very useful for this. Just find a big cardboard box and you’re ready to go!
  • The oldest idea for reusing the saree is by making use of the sieve to hang curd, kitchen stuffs and mcuh more. You can make use of the clean cloth to strain curd or anything else to make traditional Indian sweets.

Read out all the ideas to recyle sarees that would definitely help you out for your decorations. Make use of it.